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Dedicated to working with clients’
to define their financial goals

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Guiding you to financial success

Our job is to keep our clients focused on their personal situation and how we can progressively improve it over time and to remind you of the things you need to do to fulfill your stated hopes and dreams.

The media in general has a tendency to take an idea or story and run with it until the original context or point is lost in a wave of misinformation, taking a form of its own. At that point, the idea can become very dangerous to you as an individual working to build your own financial wealth and assets. 

Most people want to be wealthy, or at least financially independent. The road to financial success is not without the occasional detour or pot hole. When plans are interrupted by unforeseen events, don't give up. It isn't sufficient just to want - you've got to ask yourself what you are going to do to get the things you want.

Manulife Securities

At Manulife Securities, we believe there is no better way to serve the needs of Canadian investors than by providing access to independent, unbiased financial advice. Through a network of  advisors located in communities from coast to coast, we provide a comprehensive suite of financial products and services to help you invest for your future.

Manulife Securities is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manulife Financial – a leading Canada-based financial services group with principal operations in Asia, Canada and the United States. Manulife Securities advisors are financial professionals that can offer an array of solutions to help meet your individual needs. Depending on their licensing, advisors can operate under Manulife Securities Incorporated or Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc. and can offer insurance solutions through Manulife Securities Insurance Inc.

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About Us

Building strong client relationships to help you obtain financial success.

Marty Bailey Photo

Marty Bailey

Mutual Funds Advisor - Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc.

Life Insurance Advisor  -  Manulife Securities Insurance Agency

Your success is my success:

I take great pleasure in building strong client relationships and go to great lengths to adjust my work schedule to accommodate for my client’s busy life-styles. I dedicate myself to working with my clients’ to define their financial goals, explore their options and help them obtain financial success.

My business beliefs are as follows:

Let us first bear in mind why people invest in the first place,whether it is bond funds or stock funds or other assets. Generally, with some exceptions, people invest their saving to provide them with income and growth over time, with the primary objective being to protect their hard earned savings first and then earn a return..

I believe that over time:

Active share portfolio managers can provide a basic element to beating the market that the market or broad economy cannot provide and that is being concentrated in high value securities diversified in many asset classes. The key to retaining wealth is being diversified.  Mutual funds are a great way to invest but simply do not offer guarantees.

Segregated funds provide guarantees, creditor protection and estate protection.

Telephone: (604) 987-3372
Toll Free: 1-877-987-3372
Email: martin.bailey@manulifesecurities.ca

Ron O'Grady Photo

Ron O'Grady

Investment Funds Advisor - Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc.

Insurance Representative - Manulife Securities Insurance Agency

Ron demonstrated his unique style of financial investment counselling long before starting with Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc. and Manulife Securities Insurance Agency. As a bank manager he went out of his way to get to know his customers and their individual circumstances.

Ron used every opportunity to get out of the bank to visit the small business owners and professionals where they worked. He knew how important early decisions could be in later years and never tired of advising people to put their money to work as early as possible.

So the move to financial counselling is a natural for Ron as it allows him to focus all his energies on helping people to plan for their future.

It has always been important to Ron that as wide a range of services as possible be offered to his customers. To that end, Ron is unrelenting in his research of investment opportunities. That constant research led him to an alliance with industry leaders, such as Manulife Securities.

Direct Telephone: (604) 984-8216
Toll Free: (866) 535-1222
Email: ron.ogrady@manulifesecurities.ca

See what we can do for you

Our Services

Investment & Asset Management

  • Goal setting and Required Rate of Return
  • Asset allocation based on personal goals and objectives
  • Ensuring investment selection is inline with goals & risk tolerance
  • Tax efficiency of Investments
  • Fee Analysis
  • Continuous Monitoring and goal checks

Tax Minimization Strategies

  • Tax efficiency of investments
  • Tax deferral
  • Tax conversion
  • Passing assets through your estate
  • Income splitting
  • Intergenerational transfer

Tax minimization strategies abide by rules set forth by the CRA and may require us to work along side a Chartered Accountant. 

Retirement Planning

  • Retirement Income Projection and Analysis  
  • Pension Analysis
  • Severance
  • TFSA or RSP ?
  • Goal Setting
  • CPP and OAS Analysis

Estate Planning  

  • Legacy Planning
  • Inheritance
  • Intergenerational transfers
  • Estate Bond
  • Gifting to children
  • Trusts
  • Charitable donations

Some Estate Planning strategies may require the involvement of a legal professional.

Corporations and Businesses

  • Business Risk Management
  • Investment and Asset Management
  • Group RSP
  • Tax Efficiency of Business Income
  • Group Benefits

Risk Management & Needs Coverage

  • Income protection
  • Asset protection
  • Family protection
  • Estate protection
  • Travel Insurance

Additional Services

  • Capital Needs and Cash Flow Analysis 
  • Education Planning     
  • Short term goal planning 
  • Debt Management
  • Beneficiary audit

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While every conversation is different, you should expect to cover some general information and get a sense of what it’s like to collaborate with us.

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